Text Box: Reliability of the Interfaces on Composite Materials




   Project Objectives


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   Transfer of Knowledge

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Text Box: The researcher main transfer of knowledge activities to the host organization are:
Researcher presents two series of lectures: 
“Experimental and Numerical Stress Analysis” for Master students in Advanced CAD Systems (14 lectures, February 2009 – June 2009)
“Fracture Mechanics – Structural integrity” for Master students in Industrial Design (14 lectures, October 2009 – January 2010 and October 2010 – January 2011). At each series of lectures some PhD students take part as an activity in the individual program.
The researcher presents two seminars (May 2009 and May 2010) to PhD students regarding the scientific publications in which examples from the current research were presented.
A scientific seminar with the staff of Department of Strength of Materials was organised at the end of the project in which the researcher presents the main achievements from the reintegration period (25 persons).
A dissemination seminar was presented at the Workshop Research achievements and planned investigations within 7.FP CEMCAST project, organized in February 2011 at Lublin University of Technology, former Marie Curie Host of the researcher (25 persons).
During the Reintegration grant the researcher supervise 2 Bachelor students, 2 Master students and 3 PhD students in the Department Strength of Materials, from Politehnica University of Timisoara.
The researcher offers consultancy in numerical modelling and experimental investigation in complex fracture and damage problems for other PhD students and two Postdoctoral researchers within the Strength of Materials Department.
Cooperation with postdoctoral researcher Dr. Sinescu Cosmin from The University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babes” was launched in order to determine the stress distribution around dental joints dentin - restorative materials from dentistry. 
The acquired experimental skills were applied in testing of different types of composite materials (fibre reinforced composites, sandwich structures with foam core), cellular foams and thermoplastic materials in the Strength of Materials laboratory. 
The researcher was Invited Lecturer at CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences from Undine Italy (September 2009) giving 6 lectures in Fracture Mechanics of Foams in the framework of Advanced School: CELLULAR AND POROUS MATERIALS IN STRUCTURES AND PROCESSES. 



20th IWCMM, Loughborough, UK, September 2010                       CEMCAST Workshop, Lublin, POLAND, February 2011