Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics;

Behavior of composite materials at static loading and fatigue, cracking mechanism, plates behavior at dynamic loading;

Life-time prolongation of steels at high temperatures;

Accuracy of solutions involved in the stress calculus of curved specimens;

Physical properties of aluminum, steel-aluminum and steel conductors;

Wire and wire ropes and round steel chains;

High temperature behavior of steels, stability and creep of long vertical pipes, curved beams stress analysis;

Analysis and tests about behavior of materials belonging of heavy devices being out of working life-time.



Endurance of Steel wire ropes and round steel chains, service and fatigue life, stress - strain, bending,  ropes and chains for cranes and other hoisting or transporting machines.

Stress - Strain Test. Curves` equations for initial composite, steel and aluminum, final composite, steel and aluminum.

Studies concerning the life-time prolongation of steels at high temperatures, studies about the accuracy of solutions involved in the stress calculus of curved specimens. Researches can be used by electro-technical materials industry and distributing electrical energy units. There are also useful in order to participate at international auctions.

Studies concerning the behavior of composite materials at static loading and fatigue, cracking mechanism, plates behavior at dynamic loading.

There is analyzed the influence of working life-time of different types of steel belonging, of mining equipments being out of working life-time. There were performed some researches regarding the behavior at variable loads, impacts and also fracture mechanics analysis.

Creep at ambient temperature tests of aluminum and steel-aluminum conductors in order to certify their quality. The loading and unloading behaviors are described by typical diagrams and equations of curves have been estimated. Experimental researches were performed at ambient and results were extra poled beginning 100 or 1000 hours to 10000 hours.



     The life time estimation of some strength elements (wire ropes, links, springs, etc) at imposed loading levels

     The strength at fatigue estimation of some steel and welded elements

     The analysis of the influence of simulated defects about the fatigue strength at welded elements

     The estimation of KIC and JIC for some machine parts steels

     The estimation of the dynamic fracture toughness coefficients KId and JId

     The analysis of crack propagation at cyclic loading and under repeated impacts

     Estimation of mechanical characteristics obtained at variable loads

     Computer programme analysis for durability of a bar belonging to a heavy mining machine, by using fracture mechanics theory

     Design devices for hanging cracking pipes

     Theoretical and experimental studies of vertical long specimens under compressive loading also into account thermal effects.




Bending endurance testing, Tensile fatigue testing, Experimental stress analysis, Fatigue prediction, Research on wires, Standards (ISO-TC 85), Stress-strain, Breaking test, Creep at ambient temperature test for 6 month, 1 year, 10 years creep;

Study test for composite materials, Stress concentration and fatigue, Composite materials structures computation;

Expert study of equipment for heavy machines with expired life-time, Fracture mechanics testing, Fatigue with impact, Non-destructive testing;

High Temperature Study of Creep Properties, Theoretical Analysis and Creep Computation for pipes Stability and Creep for vertical long pipes.