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Ilustračný obrázok Partnership composition

By the end of the project, the partners will have undertaken several jint research projects aimiing at providing added value for the field. The goal is to connect technology, policy, industry, education, finance and public services in order to increase the understanding of the challenges brought by the immense consume of energy, combined with the limited character of the resources. This can be an opportunity for fundamental change in the way the world produces and consumes energy.

The main context for partnership working is change. Although changing tendencies are not new, the nature and place of change in environmental quality and the effects on daily lives standards and cultural and historical heritage are very different today from a few decades ago and keep the patents of all global occurred events.

The Timis - Csongrad cross-border area now faces many challenges arising from change. RESGAS2011 is devoted to answering trans-boundary necessities concerning the identification of alternatives to fossil fuels for the needed energy. The partnership comprises experts from both sides of the border brought together by common problems and believes, but with different expertise from:

Szeged University (Lead Partner)

University for Agricultural Science and Veterinarian Medicine of Banat (Project Partner 1)

Politehnica University from Timisoara (Project Partner 2)

Alapitvany a Biotechnologiai Neveles es Oktatas Korszerusiteseert (Project Partner 3)

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