AVMS – 2013


Livija Cveticanin – On the Van Der Pol Oscillator: An Overview


P. BRATU – Physical Instability and Functional Uncertainties of the Dynamic Systems in Resonance


Ivana KOVACIC – Nonlinear Oscillators with a Power-Form Restoring Force Non-Isochronous and Isochronous Case


Zlatan Šoškić – Development of Methodologies and Means for Noise Protection of Urban areas


V. MARINCA, H. HERIşANU – Approximate Solutions to a Cantilever Beam Using Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method


N. HERIşANU, V. MARINCA – Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Approach to Self-Excited Vibrations


R.D. ENE, V. MARINCA, B. MARINCA – Approximate Analytical Solutions to Nonlinear Vibrations of a Thin Elastic Plate


J. Ragan, D. MARGHITU - Impact of a Kinematic Link with MATLAB and SolidWorks


N.D. STĂNESCU, D. POPA – The Study of the Pendulum with Heavy Neo-Hookean Rod


R. MOISĂ, T. MEDGYESI, L. BERETEU, Mihaela POPESCU, Gh. DRĂGĂNESCU – Vibration Tests for Determination of Longitudinal Elasticity Modulus and Shear Modulus of some Structures Welded with Tubular Wire


N.D. STĂNESCU, D. POPA – The Vibrations of the Engine with Neo-Hookean Suspension


N. ZUBER, D. CVETKOVIĆ, R. BAJRIĆ – Multiple Fault Identification Using Vibration Signal Analysis and Artificial Intelligence Methods


N. ZUBER, D. CVETKOVIĆ – Rolling Element Bearings Fault Identification in Rotating Machines, Existing Methods of Vibration Signal Processing Techniques and Practical Considerations


R. BAJRIĆ, N. ZUBER, S. ISIĆ – Recent advances in vibration signal processing techniques for gear fault detection-A review


P.F. MINDA, G.R. GILLICH, Andrea Amalia MINDA, Z.I. PRAISACH – Methods of Interpreting the Results of Vibration Measurements to Locate Damages in Beams


Z.I. PRAISACH, G.R. GILLICH, Carla PROTOCSIL, F. MUNTEAN – Evaluation of Crack Depth in Beams for Known Damage Location Based on Vibration Modes Analysis


G.R. GILLICH, Z.I. PRAISACH, D. BOBOS, C. HAŢIEGAN – Assessment of Corrosion Damages with Important Loss of Mass and Influences on the Natural Frequencies of Bending Vibration Modes


E. JEBELEAN, C. BADEA, Liana IUREŞ, C. JIVA, I. BORZA – Acoustical Methods Used in the Study of the Durability of Concrete


I. KEPPLER – Failure Analysis of Pebble Bed Reactors during Eartquake


Bojana M. ZLATKOVIĆ, Bilijana SAMARDZIĆ – Vibrations Modeling and Simulation Using Stochastic Bondsim Elements


D. RECEANU – Compensations of the Discontinuous Nonlinearities in the Independent Joints Control of an Articulated Robot


C. ILIE, D. COMEAGĂ, O. DONTU – Modeling and Testing of a New Dynamic Balancing System Based on Magnetic Interaction


A. COSTACHE, A. CRAIFALEANU, N. ORĂŞANU – Analytic-Experimental Method for Determining the Eccentricity of a Cantilever Rotor


A. CRAIFALEANU, C. DRAGOMIRESCU, N. ORĂŞANU, A. COSTACHE – Study on Vibration Transmission, with Application to the Calibration of a Measuring Stand


Amelitta LEGENDI, C. PAVEL – Calculus of Percutions Amplitudes in a Vibrating Mill Using an Indirect Method


Carmen BRĂCĂCESCU, I. PIRNĂ, S. POPESCU – Considerations on Kinematics and Dynamics of Gravitational separators endowed with Non-Balanced Eccentric Masses Mechanism for Cereal Seeds Cleaning


Mirela TOTH-TaŞcĂU, Flavia BĂlĂneaN, D.I. STOIA – Particularities of Upper Limb Movements of Healthy and Pathologic Subjects


D.I. STOIA, Oana PAŞCA, Cosmina VIGARU, Mirela TOTH- TaŞcĂU – Plantar Pressure Improvement after Correction of Hallux Valgus Condition. Static and Dynamic Approach


D. CRIŞAN, D.I. STOIA, R. PREJBEANU, D. VERMESAN, H. HĂRĂGUŞ – The Internal Fixator Principle Applied to Proximal Tibial Fractures - An Early Gait Analysis Study


Mihaela PICU – A Dynamic Model of the Human Body in the Vertical Direction


R. PANAITESCU-LIESS – Biomechanical Modeling of Human Finger


Oana SUCIU, Teodora IOANOVICI, L. BERETEU – Mechanical Properties of Hydroxyapatite Doped with Magnesium, Used in Bone Implants


L. RUSU, Mirela TOTH-TaŞcĂU, C. TOADER-PASTI – Dynamic Analysis of a Lower Limb Prosthesis


A. PERESCU, D.G. BAGIU, L. BERETEU – Modeling and Simulation of a Vehicle in Frontal Collision


R. CURTEAN, I. LUPEA – Random Excitation of a Car Component from the Road


Ramona NAGY, K. MENYHARDT – Study of a Half Car Suspension Model


E. GHITA, Lavinia BUCUR – An Analysis about the Forced Vibrations of Railway Vehicles


B. CVETANOVIĆ, Mladen Tomić – Effect of the Suspension in Agricultural Tractors on the Reduction of Whole Body Vibration


V. VLĂDUŢ, S.S. BIRIŞ, S.T. BUNGESCU, N. HERIŞANU – The Influence of Vibrations on the Operator in the Grain Harvesters


M. PRAŠĆEVIĆ, A. GAJICKI, D. MIHAJLOV, N. Zivkovic, Ljiljana Zivkovic – Application of the Prediction Model "SCHALL 03" for Railway Noise Calculation in Serbia


M. PRAŠĆEVIĆ, D. MIHAJLOV, D. CVETKOVIĆ, A. GAJICKI, N. HOLEČEK – Acoustic Zoning and Noise Assessment


V. BACRIA, N. HERIşANU – Noise Control in an Industrial Hall


N. HERIşANU, V. BACRIA – The Influence of Rubberized Asphalt on Decreasing the Phonic Pollution


Ramona NAGY, D. SOMOIU, K. MENYHARDT, L. BERETEU – Noise Source Monitoring in Industrial and Residential Mixed Areas


Elena POSTELNICU, C. SORICA, V. VLĂDUŢ, M. MATACHE, P. CARDEI – Analysis of the sound power level emitted by portable electric generators (outdoor powered equipment) depending on location and measuring surface


G. VASILESCU, E. GHICIOI, S. SIMION, V. PĂSCULESCU – Model for Forecasting the Exposure Risk of Workers to Hand-Arm Occupational Vibrations


S. SIMION, C. VREME, M. KOVACS, L. TOTH – Exposure of Workers to Noise in Mining Industry


Delicia ARSENE, Claudia BORDA, Larisa BUTU, Marinela MARINESCU, V. POPOVICI, M. ARSENE – Experimental Research and Modeling of the underwater sound in marine environment


A. DYMAREK, T. DZITKOWSKI – The Computer Aided Passive Reduction of Vibration to Desired Vibration Amplitude


T. DZITKOWSKI, A. DYMAREK – Active Synthesis of Machine Drive Systems


P. BRATU – Corrective Analysis of the Parametric Values from Dynamic Testing on Stand of the Antiseismic Elastomeric Isolators in Correlation with the Real Structural Supporting Layout


P. BRATU – Modification of the Dual Kelvin-Voigt/Maxwell Rheological Behavior for Antiseismic Hydraulic Dampers


Carmen ALEXANDRU – Analysis of the Dynamic Behavior of the Antiseismic Elastomeric Isolators Based on the Evaluation of the Internal Dissipated Energy


O. VASILE – Experimental Evaluation of the Hysteretic Damping of Elastomeric Systems at Low-Cyclic Harmonic Kinematic Displacements


O. VASILE – Experimental Evaluation of the Damping Variation of an Elastomeric Device Harmonically Excited


Patricia MURZEA – Calibration of the Ground Motion Model Using a Simplified Stochastic Model in the Case of the Central Exhibition Pavilion ROMEXPO


N. ORĂŞANU, A. CRAIFALEANU, C. DRAGOMIRESCU – Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Magnetic Dampers


V. IANCU, G.R. GILLICH, C.M. IAVORNIC, Nicoleta GILLICH – Some Models of Elastomeric Seismic Isolation Devices


D. Jovanovic, N. Zivkovic, M. Raos, Ljiljana Zivkovic, Milena Jovanovic, M. Prascevic - Testing of Level of Vibration and Parameters of Bearings in Industrial Fan Flaktwoods


Iolanda Gabriela CRAIFALEANU – Influence of Hysteretic Behavior on Seismic Strength Demands: An Analysis for Romanian Vrancea Earthquakes


Iolanda Gabriela CRAIFALEANU – Influence of Damping on the Spectral Response of Nonlinear Systems: A Study Concerning Strength Demands Imposed by Romanian Vrancea Earthquakes


G. KELEMEN – A Comprehensive Transdisciplinary Approach to Nonlinear Phenomena in Fluids Induced by Acoustic Stimulation Consonant Proto-Languages and the Hierarchy of Biomorphic Standing Waves


Iolanda Gabriela CRAIFALEANU – Strength Reduction Factors: A Unified Analytic Expression for Narrowband and Broadband Ground Motion Records


Z. ŠoŠkiĆ, Jelena TOMIĆ, N. BOGOJEVIĆ, Snežana ĆIRIĆ KOSTIĆ – Influence of Heavy Data Transmission Losses on Spectra of Signals


E. GHEORGHIOSU, E. GHICIOI, A. KOVACS, C. JITEA, S. ILICI, C. CIOARĂ – Monitoring the Behaviour of Fireworks to Vibrations Generated by the Shock Apparatus and the Establishment of the Mechanical Conditioning Influence on these Products