AVMS - 2011



Malvina BAICA – Book introduction: “The Paratrigonometry – Nonconventional Trigonometry”



M. PRASCEVIC, D. CVETKOVIC, D. MIHAJLOV A framework for strategic noise mapping in urban areas


B. CSIZMADIA, A. HEGEDUS, I. Keppler – Analytic and discrete element optimization of a vibrating screen’s mechanical parameters


P. BRATU, Aurora POTÎRNICHE, S. NĂSTAC, A. LEOPA Nonlinear aspects on rigid structures dynamics with visco-elastic base isolation


D. MIHAJLOV, M. PRASCEVIC, D. CVETKOVIC Acoustic treatment of machine workroom for staples production


Amelitta LEGENDI, C. PAVEL, R. PANAITESCU-LIESS – Optimizing the functional form of a non-linear dynamic absorber attached to a non-linear primary oscillating structure


Z. Šoškić, Z. Petrović, B. Radičević, S. Ćirić KostićSpectral analysis of machine vibrations in conditions of heavy data transmission losses


V. BACRIA, N. HERIŞANUAcoustical arrangement of urban roads


V. MARINCA, N. HERIŞANU – Oscillations of a cantilever beam with end mass and vertical base excitation


N. HERIŞANU, V. MARINCASolution of some rotating electric machine vibration using optimal homotopy perturbation method


G.R. GILLICH, Z.I. PRAISACH, P.F. MINDA, I. NEGRU – The influence of damage location on the change of natural frequencies of beams


D. SIMOIU, L. BERETEU – Simulations of air flow over a parabolic antenna


O. RADU, Lidia CALANCEA, G. SLĂMNOIU, V. ROŞCA, G. OANCEA, Simona CIUREA – Experimental tests for the noise level in an anechoic hydroacoustic basin


Mihaela PICU, S. NASTAC – Relationships between vibrations and personality


G.C. ION, Elena Elvira IONTheoretical aspects on noise sources of ventilating and air conditioning installations


Amalia ŢÎRDEA, Cristina OPRIŢESCU, M.I. TOADER, A. PĂSĂREL – About disturbing forces at mechanical presses with eccentric mechanism


A. LEOPA – Methodology for identifying the degradation level of viscoelastic systems bearing of reinforced concrete bridge structures


G. AXINTI, A.S. AXINTI Analytical approach of the flowing inside a turbo-couple


G. NAIDIN, S. NĂSTAC, Carmen DEBELEAC Computational model of a manipulator for emergency situations interventions


D. BĂLĂ  Study of the stability of some dynamical systems with applications in technology and in economy


S. SIMION, D. VASILESCU – Analysis of noise levels emitted by S.C. Electrocentrale Paroşeni


Mirela TOTH-TAŞCĂU, L. RUSU, Flavia BĂLĂNEAN, C. TOADER-PASTI  Modelling and analysis of some stabilization plates for radius fractures


Mirela TOTH-TAŞCĂU, Cosmina VIGARU, L. RUSU, Oana Maria PAŞCA  – Plantar arch index determination for a subject having flat-foot   


N. SÎRBU, V. GHEORGHE  – Vibration testing of fuel filter used in cars